Guided by both consumer expectations and our own, intrinsic values, our commitment to social responsibility is constantly evolving. The collective well-being of our people and our planet is more complex and pressing than ever before. 

In response, we’re reimagining what it means to be fashion forward - we’re designing conscious collections, re-distributing profits to areas of need and are committed to understanding the true scope of our impact.

When it comes to making change, we're doing so with equal parts ambition and grace. A nod to the notion of progress over perfection,  our standards for ELCE are high but we know we won’t always get it right.

Our Commitment

In 2020, we changed our drop structure to move away from the traditional seasonal fashion calendar. Our strategy adapted to launch smaller, more curated product drops at more frequent times throughout the year. Although we won’t see the true impacts of our efforts until 2024, there are key highlights that will drastically reduce our impact, these include: A CORE collection launching in 2023 based on past best-sellers. Our intention for this collection is that it operates a supply and demand model. The concept will veer from larger initial stock order and buying based on demand and reducing the risk of wastage. To complement CORE we will launch conscious, curated capsule collections that once sold, will not be re-stocked. Customers that shop our capsules can rest in knowing they have acquired something truly unique, that only a handful of others were able to purchase. Our goal is to reduce our impact in over-production and better respond to our customers demands. We will continue to trial, test and measure the effect of changing the drop structure in relation to overproduction throughout the coming years.

Concious Collection

Eliminating excess plastics from our supply chain and diverting such waste from landfill plays a pivotal role in reducing both ours, and our customers' environmental footprint. 

When you shop online, your ELCE pieces will arrive at your door in 100% biodegradable garment bags that can be composted at home. All of our packaging - from our mailers to our swimwear hygiene liners and our swing tags - are made from recycled materials and plants. Unlike plastic that will outlive us all, our biodegradable packaging will break down naturally in less time than it takes most of us to decide if we want that one piece in Olive or Ivory.

No need to be confused about how to recycle each individual piece - everything (apart from the shipping label) can be composted. Simply remove the shipping label, cut it into small pieces and let your compost bin do the rest. 

100% Biodegradable packaging

Partnering with i=Change enables us to give back to causes we care about. Their platform creates funding streams that build, nurture and support local and global communities and positively impact the environment. 

Through our partnership, we have chosen three charities that support women and children and protect our planet for future generations.  For every online sale, we donate $1 to Clean the seaBuild a woman's future or Continue her education. After checkout, it’s up to you to decide where that donation goes. 

You can learn more about i=Change here.


ELCE has looked inward; events in the world redefined what it means to be fashion conscious and inspired our team to pause, reflect and reimagine our ambitions for the future.

You will often notice we place sell out styles on PRE-ORDER and this is the result of a newly implemented PULL strategy in our supply chain. This practice allows us to understand the demand for products and avoid producing more goods than our consumer demand. This ensures we are not creating a surplus of stock which ultimately ends up in landfill. We have spent this time consciously gathering data so we can better design and produce quality garments that our customers are actively seeking. We understand wait times are frustrating, but our intentions are inherently good. As we continue to educate ourselves, our order times and capacities will adjust to better meet our consumer needs, but we are purposefully taking this process slow and staying reactive.

Will we continue to PRE-ORDER? The simple answer is yes. We are committed to this change and we encourage you, our wonderful customers, to sign up to our emails and become a part of our community. We will ensure you will always be the first to shop and you will have access to exclusive offers not otherwise shared to the public.

Pull Strategy